Test Results

A copy of your result will be sent to the ordering provider via fax or email. You will need your unique password to open your secured report via email.

Bionano Laboratories is a clinical laboratory and not a direct healthcare provider to patients. Because our genetic tests must be ordered by a healthcare professional, we provide those results directly back to that ordering provider. Our genetic tests may provide a diagnosis, and this type of information is best shared by the healthcare professional involved in direct patient care. Once results are given to a family, however, our genetic counseling team is ready and able to discuss the results. Learn more about our genetic counseling services.

FirstStepDx PLUS, pharmacogenetic testing, and fragile X syndrome testing results are all usually available within 3-4 weeks from the time the sample can start processing. This usually occurs once the benefits investigation, genetic counseling session, and prior authorization has been obtained. Results for NextStepDx PLUS are usually available 8-12 weeks from the time of sample processing.

We do not currently offer expedited or priority analysis.


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