STEP 1 : Complete Forms

All Bionano Laboratories data services projects begin with completion of the Data Services Intake Form. These forms capture critical information about the project’s requirements and goals and outline the data you’d like delivered from the laboratory. Work with your Bionano Genomics regional business manager to complete this form or contact us and we’ll walk you through it. The sample sheet and shipping form provides all the details you’ll need to prepare your samples for transport to the lab.

When we receive your completed forms, our technical team will review the study design. If we have recommendations or need clarification, we’ll reach out to you to discuss. Once the project has been reviewed, we’ll provide you with a quote. The project can start when we’ve received the signed quote and/or purchase order from you.

STEP 2: Submit Samples

We accept many different sample types for testing. Please print and enclose the already completed Data Services Intake Form.

Accepted sample types:

Our laboratory is located in San Diego, CA. You can work with your Bionano representative to discuss your project, including sample shipping and reporting.

STEP 3: Get Results

When your data services project is complete, your data will be delivered to you via the Bionano Access® software from Bionano Genomics, Inc.:

  • Raw molecule data, assemblies, and variant annotations will be uploaded to a Bionano Access® server where you can interactively visualize, filter, classify, and curate variants of interest and generate reports
  • Bulk data downloads can also be made available upon request

We will then schedule time with you a few weeks later to review the results. All services projects include an OGM data review presentation and a demonstration of the Bionano Access® software from Bionano Genomics, Inc. If you need additional training on the analysis software, the Bionano Laboratories team is happy to connect you with a representative from Bionano Genomics, Inc. to schedule more time with you and your team.



Human sample types accepted include frozen blood, bone marrow aspirate, cultured cells, and tissue biopsies. See detailed sample requirements. OGM requires ultra-high molecular weight DNA. The sample preparation and shipping instructions must be followed to obtain high-quality OGM data. Please contact Bionano Laboratories if you are interested in submitting a non-human sample type.
Yes, work with your Bionano Laboratories representative to obtain Bionano DNA stabilization buffer, offered from Bionano Genomics, Inc.
FFPE samples are not accepted because formalin fragments DNA. Currently, OGM requires ultra-high molecular weight DNA.
Previously extracted DNA is not accepted because standard extraction methods fragment DNA.
If samples fail at one of the quality control steps and you have provided an extra aliquot, they will be re-prepped and run at no cost one additional time. If the sample fails a second time, a $100 fee will be charged to re-prep and run it once more.
You are responsible for sample shipping and for obtaining any necessary export permits if shipping internationally.
You can request to have samples returned and will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.


You own the data from your service projects, as specified in the terms & conditions.
You will have access to your data for at least 6 months and typically no longer than 12 months unless otherwise requested. You can also download your data and install Bionano Access® software locally, which will allow you to continue analyzing results beyond this timeframe.
The Bionano Access® software from Bionano Genomics, Inc, is available as a free download. You are also welcome to export data as VCF files and use another software of your choosing for analysis.
Training is provided by Bionano Genomics, Inc. Our team at Bionano Laboratories is happy to connect you with the appropriate individuals.