ordering from bionano laboratories is quick and easy

Step 1:
Assess what test is best for your patient and complete our one-page test requisition form.

Assessing the right test for your patient can be challenging- let us help. Our team of board-certified genetic counselors are available as a resource to answer any questions you may have on test choice and strategy.

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Step 2:
Collect the sample and place it in the specimen kit with the completed requisition form.

Different tests have different sample requirements. Please be sure to check our specimen requirements page. All of our Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders tests can be performed using our non-invasive buccal swabs. All of our optical genome mapping tests require a blood sample.

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Step 3:
That’s it!

Our team handles the benefits investigations and prior authorizations, which means no surprise bills for families and no insurance headaches for healthcare providers. We will not proceed with testing until the family has agreed to any out-of-pocket costs exceeding $100.

We will contact you when the results are available in our provider portal