1. Your Doctor Orders Genetic Testing And Collects A Sample

    Sample collection options:

    • Collects a cheek swab sample in the office
    • OR
    • Asks us to send you a cheek swab collection kit
    Learn More About Sample Collection
  2. Our Team Will Discuss Your Cost For Testing And Handle Insurance

    If your cost is higher than $100, we will not proceed with testing until we talk to you. We will likely call you from a phone number showing an area code of “801”. We may also try to contact you via email and/or text message.

    • We handle the whole insurance process.
    • We also offer any financial aid options available to you- this could include discounts, payment plans, or self-pay options.
  3. Meet With A Genetic Counselor

    Genetic testing doesn’t need to be complicated- our team of genetic counselors are ready to guide you through the genetic testing process.

    Learn More About Genetic Counseling
  4. Genetic Testing Begins

    Once all requirements have been met, Bionano Laboratories can start testing your cheek swab sample! Results will be sent directly to the ordering healthcare provider as soon as they are ready.

    Learn More About Our Billing Policies

You Have Unlimited Access To Our Genetic Counseling Team Throughout This Whole Process.

This group of caring professionals are ready and waiting to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Genetic counselors are trained to explain the complex details of genetic testing and genetic conditions, and they’re here to support your family every step of the way.

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