Providing New Hope for Nathan Through Studies and Community

“Being in the dark and not knowing why your child is behind is a horrible experience for any parent. When we learned about the chance to possibly find an answer through genetic testing, we jumped on it as soon as possible. It identified a diagnosis, which changed everything for us. We went from trying to figure out why our son isn’t where he should be to trying to get as much information on his diagnosis as possible.

It has actually made us much happier with every milestone and achievement he makes and we have learned not to take anything for granted… it has given us the opportunity to reach out to parents and also read and learn what we should watch out for. Nathan has achieved more than we imagined and being able to explain Nathan’s diagnosis to his teachers has greatly helped.

Genetic testing has been a blessing for our family. Providers would constantly tell us that he will catch up eventually or they simply do not know. Since getting tested, everything has changed.

The results we received provided us the ability to participate in studies and connect with other families that share his diagnosis to help us be much more informed parents. This has helped us cater his home life and school experience to greatly improve his development. With the ability to compare his progress to others with his diagnosis, we are able to have an idea of things to watch out for and work on.

I have no doubt that without genetic testing, my family would still be in the dark and Nathan would not have made anywhere near the amount of progress that he has today.

-Jon, Nathan’s father