Creating a Better Treatment Plan for Beckham

“I knew something was wrong with my sweet boy and doctors couldn’t give us any answers. He had one test after another and we were continually told that “everything is fine… you’re just over-reacting.” I spent many sleepless nights researching every symptom. I wish we would have known then about more genetic testing options that were available.

Even though a diagnosis can be scary, once we had ours we were able to moveforward with a better treatment plan for Beckham. We became knowledgeable about his disease which helped us make more informed medical decisions for him. We were also able to find a support group of other families going through exactly what we were. Having that support group was life changing. We went from feeling helpless and alone to comforted and hopeful.

If we could do it over again, we would get the genetic testing done sooner That would have eliminated a lot of fear, worry, and sleepless nights. Time is so important… our advice to any parent who’s concerned about their child’s health would be to not wait to do genetic testing. Get answers now and do everything you can to better your child’s life. The peace of mind that comes from finally having an answer is PRICELESS.”

-Natalie, Beckham's mom